Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Old Boy, Old Girl, Old Michaelian, Ex Michaelian or Michaelian Only?

If you studied in all male school, would you prefer to be called as an old boy? Or you might want to refer yourself as an Old Michaelian? What is your preference?

Our school official alumni prefer to use the term OLD MICHAELIAN. That is why they came out with the idea of OLD MICHAELIAN ASSOCIATION.

However, there are some arguments saying that the word Michaelian must stand as a Michaelian instead of old or young Michaelian. For example, there is a quote saying ONCE A SCOUT ALWAYS A SCOUT. There is no such thing as old scout or young scout (correct me if i'm wrong). And worse some even define the term of an ex student as an ex-Michaelian. Is there any separation just like a matrimonial separation ( ex-wife, ex husband, ex-staff and etc) between us and the school where we have to call ourselves as an EX MICHAELIAN?

How about on the issue when there are female students in all male school particularly in form 6? Can we call themselves an old boy when their gender is female. Some says we follow the majority. This is all male school and the word old boy refers to old girl too.

There is some confusion here. What term shall we used? Or shall we stick with the term Michaelian only? You have the answer.

By the way, Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate the Dragon Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai.

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