Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Rugby Boys

Introducing 2 orang adik from SMI. They are in form two. They have to attend the rugby training in the morning session although they are in the afternoon session. But its ok. A good practice will end with good results.

SMI as one of the premier school must have a good rugby team. Rugby is the main sports for the premier school. When u play rugby it will build up the self discipline in you. It is an animal game for a gentleman. Not a game for fairies. Parents will not encourage their children to involve in this rough game. But who cares.

As a missionary school and "Irish" school, rugby should be "the must play" game for the students. Rugby in SMI started in 1953. In those days rugby in SMI's were coached by expatriates Brothers from Ireland. Brother Patrick and Casmir were the pioneers in making rugby as the main sports for SMI. Playing rugby at that time was a pride. If you got expelled from the school due to poor results in academic the rugby will help you and of course the parents. And if the rugby team won a game, students will enjoy half day school. A rugby game between local government school was usually considered as Ireland vs England. No wonder our school badge and school theme colour is green and white.

SMI Rugby team was not something to be proud of during 90's. We had failed to compete with the like of MCKK, STAR, King Edward, Anderson and others. But since millenium there was some improvement from the rugby team. They had emerged as the Kinta 2 Champion in 2005. Well done bro. Perhaps in the future the land of Perak and Malaysia will be conquered by the ruggers from SMI.

Trying to kick the rugby ball? But there is no rugby pole. How are u gonna kick the ball without a rugby pole being installed? Nevermind bro.

One day there will be a rugby pole. By then a rugby game can be played in front of SMI building and on the SMI field. It will be a great moment when a rugby game can be played and supported and cheered by the students. And it will be the most memorable one if the SMI Rugby team can play with their old boys. Dare to play with the old boys? Well it's good for the game and a good motivation to the students. By the way do we know what is our school rugby name? If the Edwardians call the rugby team as "Tigers" and the Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman (STAR) is known as "Cobratasha", what about SMI? If none please create one. Maybe we can put "Green Hawks".

To these two young rugby players of SMI, be a good rugby player and continue being a rugger when you become one of the old boys. Perhaps maybe they can play with the SMI Old Boys Rugby team if the establishment of the team could be materialized in the future.

Back To School- The First Contact....

Sekolah kita sudah cantik. Itu bumbung sudah kasi tukar. Bangunan tak nampak buruk. Sudah kasi cat. Kalau u tak percaya u tengok ini gambar.

Cantik??? yeah 10-12 years ago itu dinding banyak tompok2 hitam. Berlumut.
Bumbung pejalan kaki itu menuju ke mana? Maybe it will lead us to......??

Yes to the toilet.
According to the school, this is the most cleanest toilet in Perak. Or perhaps in Malaysia. This toilet is the"contoh" tandas sekolah yg terbaik di Malaysia. With the tandas yang terbaik, perhaps the performance of the school in academic and co- curriculum's must be the "terbaik".

Yeah during the old boys time a decade ago, the toilet is a place where the students like to hang out eventhough the toilet is so dirty and smelly.

They used to stay in the toilet lock themselves in the toilet while waiting the period of subject is over. And this place is a smoking area too. Well to old boys when u visit the school the toilet is the must visit place.

Finally we go to this area. Remember this badminton court? There are 4 important buildings or area surrounding this court. There is "Bilik Guru" the place where the teachers having gossip and a place where they need a little rest after battling with the stubborn and non cooperative students. A whole class maybe.

Yeah, canteen is adjacent to this area too. The students in this picture just finished their meals. Lepas makan melepak2. Waktu sekolah rehat 15 minit saja. Lunch hour when u sudah kerja satu jam. Itupun mau rehat lama lagi.

The school hall. A place where students gathered and the teachers delivered their speeches. Complaining about rules and regulations.

Lastly the important place nearby this court is a short cut to the next area. Well I only remember the sports store room. Mr Choo Ah Chye's room. A rugby coach and the most respected teacher. Ask the old boys...remember Ah Chye? Definitely they will. But Choo Ah Chye is no longer there. The rugby boys of SMI are now trained by Cikgu Helmi.

This is the first contact of of the old boys who got the opportunity to visit the school recently. Perhaps others will visit the school whenever they are in Ipoh.

Mohd Dzran
SMI batch 9296

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The First Appearance...

Finally we did it. Nothing is impossible. Although we had received the invitation one week before the tournament, we managed to register the SMI Old Boys as one of the participant in the Futsal Liga Alumni which was held at HTO De Futsal, USJ Subang. This tournament was held in conjunction with EURO 2008.

5 players from Ipoh and 4 players in KL were the representatives for St. Michael Institution. The SMI Old Boys was in the Group B in the men open category, where our opponents are from Kiro( MRSM Taiping), Petra FC ( SMS Tg. Muhd Faris Petra, Kelantan) and Permata (SMK Sri Permata, Petaling Jaya).

We were thrashed 6-0 in the first game against Kiro. In the second game we gave a tough fight against Permata but the opponent was better than us and we lost 3-0. Knowing that we had failed to qualify to the quarterfinal, our players gained some respect by scoring two goals although we were beaten by the representative from Kelantan, 7-2. The winner is the old boys of MRSM Taiping and the first runner up goes to STAR Ipoh.

This is our first appearance in this competition. Most of our players are from the batch of 96. Meaning to say they are reaching the age of 29. And most of our opponents fielded their young players. They are not the same person as their youth days. Next year they will be at the age of 30. Yes, we are getting older. And by next year they will be eligible to compete in above 30 years( seniors category).

We hope that by next year the team can send more than a single team. We are planning to recruit our young old boys from SMI to be part of the team and this effort is possible.

The Teams:-

1 MRSM Kuala Terengganu

2 MRSM Kuantan

3 MRSM Kulim

4 MRSM Muar

5 MRSM Taiping

6 Sekolah Sultan Abdul Halim, Jitra

7 Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah, Putrajaya

8 Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh

9 SMK Seafield, Subang Jaya

10 SMK Sri Permata, Petaling Jaya

11 SMK St Michael, Ipoh

12 SMK Tinggi Setapak

13 SMS Machang

14 SMS Pokok Sena

15 SMS Tg Muhd Faris Petra, Pengkalan Chepa

16 SMS Tuanku Syed Putra, Kangar

Monday, June 9, 2008

Futsal Liga Alumni 2008

SMI Old Boys will participate in Futsal Liga Alumni 2008 organized by Liga Alumni Malaysia. The one day tournament will be held on Sunday 15th June 2008 at HTO de Futsal Subang Jaya.

Teams such as STAROBA, ANSARA and others will send their team to win the first prize worth RM2000 and a set of jerseys. The money received will be given to the school and the school alumni.

The players from the ex students of SMI will fight and bring glory for the name of the school.
The SMI Old Boys will be the first team non boarding school from Perak to join the Liga Alumni.