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Happy Chinese New Year myspace graphic comments

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all our Chinese friends, Michaelians and teachers.

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Come with us..Be with us...

This blog is almost a year since its establishment in March 2008.
And we believe more Michaelians have log in to this blog.

Few events were held to strengthen the fraternity and bond of friendship/brotherhood among Michaelians. Although we are new in the scene, we hope more Michaelians will join and be part of us. Apart from sports activities, we are also planning future events or programs which can reunite us, seniors and juniors. The success of such programs depends of the involvement of the Michaelians.

We also do not forget our brothers in school. As an old boy of SMI, it is our responsibility to help the school and the students. We give back to the school. This what we did during our visit to support and cheers the SMI Rugby team last year. We support them morally and motivated them.

There are lot of Michaelians out there. Through the internet, reunion becomes easier. We found long lost classmates. There are almost more than 1,000 Michaelians in the SMI Facebook Group. Could you imagine how benefit the school is when these Michaelians want to contribute their RM's to the school?

Therefore Michaelians..come with us and be with us. The next event organized by us is Futsal on 26-1-2009.

By the way there are polls inserted in the blog. Kindly cast your vote.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Being A Michaelian

A story by an old boy from the batch of 2004.

Time really has flown past quickly. St.Michael’s Institution is yet another year older, taking another step towards the 100th anniversary. From its humble beginnings in a small little hut to its present prestigious building, St.Michael’s has improved with age, giving its students past, present and future a tradition and heritage proud to be a part of. Times change and St.Michael’s too has changed to keep up with the modern tide in its vast developments but one thing remains, the Michaelian Spirit, which matures through the ages.

It is indeed a great honour to have my words in here. But on the other hand, sadness does creep up in me when I left this institution. I started my journey in SMI in year 1994 when I was in my first year of primary school, till the year which I left SMI after I completed my STPM examination and pursued to the Bachelor of Laws (Hons) by King’s College, London under a full scholarship. Whether we are outstanding achievers or those who prefer to contribute silently towards improving our alma mater, I believe each and every of us shines in our own special way. With all my heart, I can say that St. Michael’s is truly my alma mater. I will always cherish the memories and experiences that I had here at St.Michael’s. Never had I imagined that this institution would play in such a pivotal role in moulding me into the person I am today. St.Michael’s has helped me to grow up in many ways, be it emotionally or mentally.

SMI is rich in culture and tradition. The Michaelian Spirit, burns strongly within the students, teachers and staffs of SMI. We hold true of the principles of Faith, Zeal and Community, and it is these simple yet notable principles that have set me on course to be who am I today. Life in St Michael, especially the Michaelians, I’m pretty sure that majority of them are fully equipped in order to face the challenges in their life. Everything, whether it’s in physically or mentally, that they had learnt in this alma mater, are the advantages for these young generations. Critically thinking, wise in decision makings, building up strong spirit, cooperation, friendship, and etc are there for them to learn and to improve on. Of course, spending 13 years in this school, everyone had their chances to know and meet all sorts of friends, and it will be where the place their friendship started.

Learning the concept of ‘Green and White Unite’ is the way of showing the unity among the students. All 2500 students in one school, one community, one mission, one vision, one aim, and it’s the Unity. Green and White Unite concept implemented in year 2003 had strengthened the relationships and ties among the students in school, no matter who they are. As long as you are carrying the title of a ‘Michaelian’, you have the responsibility to know and to learn them. Every Michaelians gathered together at the assembly ground every morning for the daily briefing, and we gathered as one Family with one Spirit. For one and all the great foundation on which we built our life’s dream was our Michaelian experience. Within this experience of interaction and endeavour our spiritual vision was somehow sharpened and they came to realise our dignity as persons, the importance of friendship and mutual acceptance, the potential for greatness when we learn to discover who we are and our God given destiny.

I hope the young Michaelians will be aware regarding on the school’s developments and strong Michaelian Spirit to be instilled in each of them. Originalities and heritage of the school MUST be preserved and traditions must be maintained and passed down to the young generations. As we are going to celebrate our 100th anniversary soon, let it to be a glory and meaningful celebration. It’s meaningless to have first class facilities, if we have the third class mentalities.

Today I pay tribute to St.Michael’s for instilling me the values and principles. I pay my tribute to the teachers who have so graciously helped and guided me through my schooling years. Special thanks must also go to all my friends who made my journey here worthwhile. A special words of thanks to Bro Vincent Corkery who has been my guiding spirit and inspiration. Bro Vincent remains for us not only as the important link between the generations of Michaelians. At the same time, current principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee is also one of the great visionaries who have steered St.Michael’s towards as one of the Malaysia’s premier schools with strong claims to world class excellence. Lastly I salute and thank my beloved former principal Mr Louis Rozario Doss for being my overflowing source of wisdom, joy and inspiration in so many ways.

Thank you once again, and God bless you all.

Being a Michaelian is not all fun and games but we also bear a responsibility to keep our heritage alive. So Michaelians, savour your chance to be a part of the grand institution and keep the Michaelian Spirit alive and in your hearts forever.

Wong Kin Tung AFA
LL.B. (Hons.)(London), Adv.Dip.Acc. (IFA, UK)
Incorporated Financial Accountant
Institute of Financial Accountants, UK

Friday, January 16, 2009

FrAtErNiTy FuTsAl

bAtCh of 90's


bAtCh of 00's

FrAtErNiTy FuTsAl

bAtCh of 90's (aBANg)-VS- bAtCh of 00's (aDIk)

DATE: MONDAY, 26-1-2009
COURT NO. 1 ( Old Trafford)

The young against the old. The Big Bro will test their fitness level against their Little Bro. Come and see this event live from the SPORTS PLANET.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Heal The World & Give Peace A Chance

What is your thought and feeling when u see this picture?

The Palestinians are at the moment were in grieved after the Israelian soldiers attacked their soil and killed the innocent people including the children.

This little girl has a marvellous future waiting for her but it seems that she will not be there. Her life was taken by the explosion which turned her house into pile of rubble.

What can u do to help the Palestinians?

Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief Malaysia, the charity organisation that he is affiliated to, is organising an appeal for humanitarian aids (DANA KEMANUSIAN PALESTIN - DAKAP) in Gaza. The organisation has a branch in Palestine (Islamic Relief Palestine) established since the last 10 years in Gaza itself, and working with the Palestinian Ministry of Health has identified the most urgent needs for medical tools, equipments and medicines. Items needed as listed in their website are as follows;

· 1 mobile X-ray machine

· Maintenance of the existing 5 sterilization machines.

· 5 new central sterilization machines.

· 500 oxygen cylinders

· ICU beds, Fully equipped

· 5 Anastasia machines

· 100 Syringe pump

· 100 Infusion pump

· 5 Operations tables with their lights for opening new operation rooms

· 10 Blood Gas machine with its converter

· 30 normal beds

· 5 Intensive Care ambulances

· Normal ambulances (where 40 % of existing are depreciated)

· More generators for the hospitals (KVA 200, KVA100, KVA 50, KVA 600)

· 5 Washing machines for clothes and other drying machines for Gaza Strip ICUs

Islamic Relief Palestine is working closely with WHO (World Health Organization) and other humanitarian agencies to ensure these supplies reach the intended recipients in Gaza.

How to donate

You can donate by visiting Islamic Relief Malaysia’s website. Or alternatively you can choose to do the following;

For those who are getting fed up with this never ending war and who wants to give peace a chance, help and donate a piece of your income to ease the suffering of the Palestinians, especially the children. Your RM’s will make a significant impact to the effort.

Heal The World Make It Better Place

For You and For Me and The Entire Human Race...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Remember the School

Most of us, old boys out there when met they say they really missed their school. For those who are from millenium batch(graduated in 00's) "rindu" sama sekolah is not really deep in their heart compare those graduated from the last century.

Why they missed their school? After they finished their studies and now become a working man, they feel that the more years they gone through, bertambah dekat dengan sekolah di hati mereka.

The problem with us the working old boys is that we do not have time to visit the school. Busy with our tight schedules and even when we are in Ipoh, we got to spend our time with families. Therefore, when is our time to visit the school and to meet up with the teachers?

To overcome this problem, the school and the OMA should plan something. Let the old boys from all over the places and batches return to school. A kind of mass gathering and not in small or individually visit. I believe many of them would love to do so. But how?

The Anderson school will celebrate its centennial celebration on February 2009. Preparation has been made. The celebration is the event much awaited by the Andersonians all over nations. Banners, sign boards and buntings are everywhere even besides the highway.

SMI also will celebrate its 100 years in 2012. Do we have to wait for 3 more years to be invited to celebrate it?

The school and the OMA should organize an OLD BOYS WEEKEND(OBW). OBW is a common or annual event held by certain schools particularly the full residential schools.

MCKK and STAR used to held this event through the collaboration between the schools and the old boys. What is so unique about it is that the event is organized by a students from a particular batch. For example, Batch 1996 will organize and become the committee for the OBW in 2016.

The STAR students were being told that 20 years after their graduation year, they must be the organizer for the OBW. For budak koleq(MCKK) after 30 years they become the organizer. This is the tradition.

Every year the old boys from these two schools will come back to school. This will be an opportunity for them to meet up with the boys and inspired them. The boys can see their "abang2", who they are now and what are they doing. Of course being an SBP school and producing lot of professionals, the boys will like to follow the footsteps and learn from their seniors.

During their OBW, a lot of activities were held to strengthen the bond of fraternity among them. Among others were a Rugby and a Football game between the old boys and the boys. Dinner and a performance from the school wind orchestra were also held.The old boys and the boys work together to make the OBW a successful one. Normally the OBW took place for 3 days, from Friday to Sunday. Apart from the celebration, an annual meeting for the STAROBA and MCOBA were held to select those who can work and contribute to the association.

Can SMI do the same thing? Some might say it is so hard to do as SMI graduates every year are not the same number as the SBP students. Lot of preparations need to be done to welcome home the old boys. Of course the budget issue is one thing.

Somewhere in 2007 there was a similar event held. The SMI ALUMNI KLANG VALLEY members were given the opportunity to visit SMI and several events were held such as tarik tali and other fun activities. Lunch was also provided by the old boys. It was a good effort.

Can we imitate and follow the way the MCOBA and STAROBA did? If we could organize an OBW, not exactly as they did but certain characteristics or events which would benefitted, plus the involvement of multiracial old boys which they never had, it would be the most memorable and terrific event for all Michaelians.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

AkU BuDaK SMI-Part 1

By Mohd Dzran [1996]
Guys seperti yang dijanjikan, cerita aku di SMI. Tulis dalam BM. Lagi feel dan senang nak luahkan.

Aku seorang MICHAELIAN. Sebab aku bersekolah di ST. MICHAEL'S INSTITUTION IPOH. Short formnya SMI. Aku bersekolah sejak aku umur 7 tahun sampai le umur aku 17 tahun. Bayangkan selama tu aku bersekolah di situ. Most of my childhood i spent my years there. Berak, kencing, peluh aku semua di situ.

Masa sekolah rendah aku di St. Michael 1. Yang membezakan 1 dan 2 hanya pada dacingnya. Satu kaler kuning manakala 2 kaler putih. Dan lawaknya setiap tahun dan setiap penggal kena bergilir-gilir sesi persekolahan. Selalunya bulan Januari sampai bulan 5 SMI 1 sekolah pagi dan SMI 2 sekolah petang. Dah seronok2 sekolah pagi kena pulak tukar petang. BOSAN!! Darjah Satu aku di kelas biru sampai le darjah 4.

Masa darjah 4 aku dilantik menjadi pengawas. Biasala jadi pengawas kena jaga kelas masa cikgu meeting, jaga tempat2 yg di kawasan sekolah especially masa sekolah belum start dan masa rehat. Kalau kena jaga kelas senior darjah 6 memang teruk le. Kena buli. Gila apa kena jaga abg2 senior dua thn lebih tua. Tapi senang aje, report kat cikgu pengawas. Senyap le abg2 senior yg konon nak tunjuk samseng padahal masih hingusan lagi huhu.

Masa darjah 4 juga aku X-Cident. Aku jatuh masa main kat Taman. Tangan aku terhentak kat longkang. Tak patah tapi pergelangan tangan aku terhiris. Doktor kata nasib aku baik. Sikit lagi je nak kena urat nadi aku. Kalau tekena urat nadi dan terputus, maka aku dah tiada lagi di dunia sejak 1989. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Tahun 1990 masa aku darjah 5, SMI 1 buat polisi APARTHEID dan DISKRIMINASI. Dah elok bersama sejak darjah satu kena pulak tukar kelas. Berpisah le aku dgn kawan2 rapat masa tu, Azlan Fairuz, Frederick Fernandez dan juga Liew Kah Wei. Kah Wei aku ingt lagi dia kena cekak kolar baju dgn pengetua JIT SINGH(paling dibenci sebab garang sangat).

So aku ditempatkan di kelas 5 MERAH. Ikut ranking kelas merah kelas yang ranking ketiga kurang pandai. Yang tersangat pandai HIJAU. Second pandai, BIRU. Dan yang paling tak pandai kelas KUNING. Entah apa tujuanpoihak sekolah buat begitu. TAK ADIL!!

Tapi entah macam mana di penghujung tahun tu Cikgu Kelas, Cikgu Noraini kata aku layak masuk kelas HIJAU. Kelas nerd huhuhu. Yang dapat masuk hijau, seingat aku...aku dan regis ArulRaj. Berpisah lagi......:(

Tahun 1991 darjah 6 masuk le aku dalam kelas nerd ni. Yang aku masih ingat budak 6 HIJAU ni, Azlan Fairuz (jumpa balik mamat ni hehe), Soffan, Shamsuriani, Zunisyam,Hasmardy, Low Thang Siang(aku dgn dia kena sepak dgn cikgu kelas, Cikgu Hamid sebab aku kejar dia keliling sekolah sebab dia kutuk aku ) dan Loh Wai Chew. Yang lain tak ingat. Kelas ni sebab ramai nerd dan budak pandai dalam bab sukan memang kantoi. Lawan bolasepak je mesti kena belasah especially dengan kelas kuning. mana taknya Low Thang Siang keeper hehe. Aku selalu main defend aje hehe. Tapi seingat aku Thang Siang not bad jugak main keeper.

Masa darjah 6 aku ditawarkan untuk menjadi Ketua Pengawas SMI 1. Tapi entah kenapa aku tolak tawaran tu. Aku cakap aku tak ready. Mereka kata nak lantik budak Melayu jadi ketua pengawas. Tapi fikirkan balik rugi jugak aku tolak tawaran tu. Setelah menolak tawaran tersebut, aku cuma dilantik jadi penolong ketua pengawas. Yang jadi Ketua Pengawas, Chee Kin Ghee.

Damn!! difikirkan balik RUGI betul. Cikgu pun satu, nak lantik, lantiklah, jgn offer. Once ada offer there will be a rejection. Make it as an order or a command. Of course I will obey.:)

Gila beb. Kelas 6 Hijau ni power gila bebudaknya. Masa kelas 5 MERAH aku boleh dapat no 2 dalam kelas, masuk kelas HIJAU aku NO 2 jugak tapi dari belakang. Rasa kerdil sungguh. Tapi tak apa semangat nak skor semua A dalam UPSR tetap menjadi matlamat utama.

Tibalah masanya. Dah minum berapa byk botol air penawar. Nak terangkan hati bila jawab soalan. Periksa UPSR masa tu kat Dewan Sekolah Menengah. Periksa dari hari Isnin sampai Khamis. Subjek BM(pemahaman), BM(penulisan), BI dan Matematik. Lepas habis exam....HOORAAYYYY...merdeka....

Selang beberapa bulan kemudian, results UPSR keluar. Aku dapat 3A 1B. Matematik aku dapat B. Kawan-kawan lain ramai yang dapat 4A. Hancur harapan aku nak masuk sekolah berasrama penuh terutamanya Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman(STAR) atau Malay College Kuala Kangsar(MCKK). Sedih tak dapat Matematik A. Tapi tak apa, menanti aku pada tahun berikutnya, adalah ST.MICHAEL'S INSTITUTION IPOH. Tak jauh, sebelah aje. Bezanya aku tak dapat dok hostel. Dok rumah.

Berakhirlah kehidupan aku di sekolah rendah. Di saat itu juga aku berpisah dengan kawan-kawan aku Azlan, Zunisyam, Shamsuriani dan budak Melayu yang lain. Masa tu budak2 Melayu yang pandai akan target nak masuk Sekolah Berasrama Penuh(SBP). Azlan masuk sekolah agama kat BOTA. Yang tinggal teruskan perjuangan di SMI, aku, Hasmardy dan Soffan (kecewa mcm aku gak dapat 1 B, tak dapat pergi MCKK, tapi form 4 dia dapat jugak jadi budak koleq.)

Dan seterusnya pada 1992, SMI datang menjemput aku...

Freshies...Welcome aboard

Freshies....They had spent 6 years in primary school. Now they enter a new world, the secondary stage. For those who came from SRK St.Michael 1 & 2, the Michaelian spirit is already inside their heart. They had memorized the school anthem, "All Through Our College" since standard 1. But for those from other primary schools, they must learn and adapt the new environment and learn how to be a Michaelian.

Nikmati kehidupan di SMI dengan penuh bangga. Ingatilah kawan-kawan sekelas kamu kerana mereka adalah rakan-rakan sepejuangan sehingga kamu tamat sekolah. SMI bukan sahaja tempat untuk kamu cemerlang di dalam akademik tetapi juga untuk kamu aktif dalam kokurikulum dengan menyertai persatuan, pasukan beruniform dan juga aktiviti sukan.

Enjoy your days in SMI. Spend the years ahead tremendously.

Welcome aboard to pelajar-pelajar Tingkatan 1 St. Michael's Institution Ipoh 2009.

Monday, January 5, 2009

PMR Results

42 of 378 students scoring straight A's in the PMR 2008

Congratulations and may in the year 2010 you guys will do well too.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

PERAK 2009

These are the players for Perak Super League Team 2009. Most of the players are from the President Cup Team(Youth Team). They are young and the average of these players is 20-21 years old. 2009 is their first appearance in the highly competitive Malaysian Super League.

SMIOB would like to wish all the best for the team and we will always updating the news on development of the Perak team on regular basis. Although there are no Michaelians in the current squad, hopefully one day a Michaelian footballer wears the Perak and National colours just like the old days when Chee Wan Hoe, Rushanizam Idrus, T. Prasad and others did.

On first game, Perak beat Kuala Muda Naza( the newly promoted team to Super League) 2-0.

The video of the game can be seen on

Friday, January 2, 2009

Malaysian Super League 2009

Malaysian Super League 2009 will raise it's curtain on Saturday, 3-1-2009. The 2007 & 2008 treble champions, Kedah will entertain Selangor at Darulaman stadium for the Charity Shield match.

The Perak team under the new management, coach and players will begin their first match against Kuala Muda Naza at home. As a new young team, the newly appointed coach, M. Karathu ( former coach of SMI in 1988) said in the media that the young Perak team is a new and inexperience team. The Perak team collapsed after the departure of the almost 90% of players including some of the seniors to other state teams due to the failure of the old PAFA Management to settle the 4 months arrears of the players salary.

There is no hope for the team to win any trophies, but the objective is to stay and be among the top 10 teams in the league. Perakians are known for their passion and love towards football. The fans whether in Perak or in the Klang Valley will go to the stadium and support the team. Anywhere you can find Perakians sometimes wear the Perak team jersey to show that they are proud of the team. No wonder Perak fans were recognized as the Best Fans for two consecutive years in 2007 & 2008.

Gone are the days of Steve Darby's typical English game. His game plan 3-5-2 approach was not suitable at all for the Perak team. The fans know it and they refuse to come to the stadium at most of the game for last season. No major trophies won under his 3 years stint in Perak.

His predecessors, Tony Netto and Karl Heinz Weigang achievements were better. During these two most successful coaches era, Perak game was a worth to watch. Their "samba" style and fast pace as well as short passes game were admired by the fans. In those days the stadium was packed with fans regardless the outcome of the game.

The stubborn chap Karl Heinz Weigang gave us the 1998 and 2000 Malaysia Cup title. The Latin Old Man Netto gave us the 2002 & 2003 Divison 1 Title ( now known as Super League) and won back the FA Cup title in 2004 after lapse of 14 years. Compare with the former ESPN pundit achievement? Steve Darby now is the assistant coach helping the former Sunderland manager, Peter Reid who is now the head coach of the Thai National team. In the recent concluded AFF Suzuki Cup 2008, Reid and Darby failed to lift the cup as the Siamese were beaten by the Vietnamese in the final. The Cup-less syndrome suffered by Perak for the past 3 years has now affected the Siamese, as the last time they won the cup was in 2002. A good news for Malaysian national team.

M. Karathu is known for his fast game approach. Who can forget the night we sunk the Red Giants in 1990. We were trailed 0-2 in the first half but suddenly the history was created. We won the first FA Cup that year after defeated Selangor 4-2. Karathu was then the head coach. Never say die attitude and the high fitness level were the key of the Perak 1990 team success.

Basically, M. Karathu prefers to use wingers to create goals. For him, fitness training is a must. Some of the seniors in SMI had gone through training under him when he was the coach for SMI in 1988. And it was a "No Relax" training. Only the best can survive the tough training.

Michaelians are also passionate with the football. Inter classes games were used to be held and playing at the school field. Those who have the skills and won the heart of the coach will be selected to represent the school. And Michaelians are known for their love to the Perak team. When you go to the Stadium Perak to watch a football game, you will meet with other Michaelians, seniors and juniors. Even for those who are not able to come especially the old boys who reside in KL, they will send SMS to other Michaelians to ask about the results update. That is the spirit we need. And may the spirit continues for this coming Malaysian Super League. Come on Michaelians, do as what you usually did. Go to the stadium and support our state heroes.

Support the Malaysian football just like we love the English League football. At least we can see the local football game live from the stadium rather than we just see it on TV for a game thousand of miles from us. Brave with the players. The team that build from the ashes.


The Perak team songs ( The rythm similar to When the Saint Goes Marching In...)
This Song usually sing by the fans before the start of the game, when a goal scored and at the end of the game....

Ipoh Mali...Ipoh Mali...Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong
Ipoh Mali...Talak Sombong
Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong....

Written by Mohd Dzran (96)
The writer is known as aloboy among the Perak E Fans Community.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

WeLcOmE 2009...

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Happy New Year!!!

May the year of 2009 will bring success in our life.