Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

SMIOB would like to wish all Michaelians a Happy New Year. May happiness, joy and excellent health be with you and your family always for the year 2010.

As 2009 left us, let us look on some highlights of the events for the whole year. A Y.E.S (not year end sale but year end summary) evaluation.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Selamat Hari Natal

Dashing through the snow
On a one-horse open sleigh,
Over the fields we go,
Laughing all the way;
Bells on bob-tail ring,
Making spirits bright,
What fun it is to ride and sing
A sleighing song tonight
Jingle bells, jingle bells,
Jingle all the way!
O what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh

A day or two ago,
I thought I'd take a ride,
And soon Miss Fanny Bright
Was seated by my side;
The horse was lean and lank;
Misfortune seemed his lot;
He got into a drifted bank,
And we, we got upsot.
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle all the way!
What fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh.

A day or two ago,
The story I must tell
I went out on the snow
And on my back I fell;
A gent was riding by
In a one-horse open sleigh,
He laughed as there
I sprawling lie,
But quickly drove away.
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle all the way!
What fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh.

Now the ground is white
Go it while you're young,
Take the girls tonight
And sing this sleighing song;
Just get a bob-tailed bay
Two-forty as his speed
Hitch him to an open sleigh
And crack! you'll take the lead.
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle all the way!
What fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


"Through Sports & Culture We Unite"


Date: 25th & 26th December 2009
Venue: Padang Polo
Time: 4.30-7.00pm

Contact Person:
Mohd Dzran [019-3090135]

Mohd Fazli [012-5715026]

Date: 26th December 2009
Venue: Sri Malaysia Hotel
Time: Morning

Contact Person: MR. LEE KAR WAI [ 018-2008911 ]

SMIOB would like to invite SMI Old Boys @ Michaelians to come to Padang Polo and gather at this public field and let us know each other as one. There are two days available and you can choose either one of it or you can come on both days. Just come to the field and look for SMIOB sign and declare yourself as a Michaelian. Bring your spouse and children too. Let us make it as a family day or picnic day. You can also bring your food and drinks (POT LUCK) and share it among Michaelians.

Meanwhile a battle of warlords is one of the side event. PAINTBALL , a famous game in this modern era and for youngsters is definitely suitable for Michaelians. Let us see who will be the winner and crowned as a REAL FIGHTER. The event is scheduled to be held on Saturday morning, 26th December 2009.

Contact the person in charge and confirm your participation.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Old School Sportsman

The SMI Hockey Team 1996
The SMI Hockey Club 1996
The SMI Rugby Team 1996

A RARE pictures. These pictures were taken in the year of of 1996. They were the sportsman who were the school representatives. Among notable figures are Mr. Choo Ah Cye(rugby coach), Mr. Noel D'Oliveiro(hockey coach) and Cikgu Sidik(hockey advisor). Cikgu Sidik is still in service while the others had retired. Most of them are now at the age of 30 years old and a career man. Thank you for the memorable and wonderful years. JASAMU DIKENANG

Pictures courtesy of Shamsul Anuar Batch 1996

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aidiladha Menjelma Lagi

Aidiladha Kembali Lagi
Dengan Satu Pengorbanan
Mengenang Sejarah Silam
Nabi Ibrahim Dan Keluarga
Menyahut Seruan Ilahi
Agar Diikuti Sekalian Umat

SMIOB mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha kepada semua umat Islam yang menyambutnya. Kepada mereka yang mengerjakan Haji pada tahun ini terutama kepada Michaelians, guru-guru dan staf-staf SMI, moga haji mabrur yang kalian perolehi dan semoga selamat pulang dari tanah suci.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

From Padang Ipoh With.....

Still remember our undertaking to show the pictures of old boys from other batches reunion during Hari Raya?

This picture was taken when Michaelians batch 1997 held a reunion during Aidilfitri holidays. They were babies born in 1980. Significantly the reunion was held at Padang Ipoh, a common place for Michaelians and a place where in front of that padang, our proud school building stood still. Most of them are a working man from non professional to professional career.

Thank you Mr. Fazli@Pali (our futsal player) for this memorable picture. We hope more of you guys from the batch of 1997 to attend in our next year SMI OLD BOYS WEEKEND.

Friday, November 6, 2009



Apa yang akan terjadi bila mangsa dan pemburu sama-sama terperangkap di atas kapal percutian mewah? Dua orang gadis pisau cukur, Bella dan Intan, bertembung dengan tiga orang Datuk, tiga orang isteri Datuk, dua orang anak Datuk, seorang detektif dan seorang peminat setia Bella. Siapakah yang memburu dan siapa pula diburu? Dalam pelayaran yang penuh kejutan dan kelucuan, apa pun boleh terjadi! Temui "PISAU CUKUR" di pawagam bermula 5 November 2009.


What happens when prey and predator are both trapped on a luxury cruise ship? Two gold digging girls, Bella and Intan, come face to face with three Datuks, three Datuk's wives, two Datuk's children, one private detective and one diehard fan of Bella's. Who are the predators and who are the prey? On a voyage that's full of surprises, anything can happen! "PISAU CUKUR" on cinemas 5th November 2009.


A Masterpiece of BERNARD CHAULY, a Michaelian Batch 1990.
Go and watch the movie and show our support to local film industry as well as to our fellow old boy.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Avoidable Tragedy

How do you feel when your brother or sister died at such a young age? How do you feel when their death occurred due to others negligence?

The tragedy at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Dipang, Kampar was a tragic accident. The primary students attended a 1 Malaysia camping organized by the Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Kinta Selatan. A wonderful and motivational event turned into a chaos. At 10.40pm on the 26th October 2009, 22 students fell when a bridge collapsed. The young students were between life and death and they had to hold to the bridge cable for their survival. A brave guards and a teacher saved the 19 of the students. Unfortunately, 3 of them could not be saved.

An angry parents blame the teachers for lack of supervision. And the teachers defend themselves by pointing the finger to the contractor who build the bridge. After initial investigation the police found that the bridge was not built according to it's specification.

Who should bear the responsibility? The Education Department, the teachers or the contractor?
No matter who responsible for it, few life were taken and if there was a high standard of supervision including an inspection of the newly built bridge, this tragedy will never be on the news headlines.

SMIOB wish condolences to the family of N. Dina Dewe Nathan 11, Diryasree Vasudevan 12 and Davadharshini Maheswaran 11.

Obituary-Jagendran A/L Ratnam{25th Nov 1987-25th Oct 2009}

Jagendran second from left(in white dress)

Mr. Jagendran A/L Ratnam, an old boy from the batch of 2004 passed away on last Sunday, 25th October 2009.

He was a student from 5V1 class and a former Librarian.

SMIOB wish our condolences to the family of the deceased. May his soul rest in peace.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Diwali

SMIOB would like to wish Happy Diwali to all our Hindu friends, teachers and students of SMI. May this year's Diwali brings prosperous and happiness.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

1-Toilet Policy???

The issues here:

1. Can "the oneness" be achieved in the smelly and filthy toilet?

2. Are the students and teachers always in the toilet at the same time and same place?

3. How long teachers and students will be in the toilet to achieve this oneness policy?

4. Are there any places apart from the toilet that this policy can be implemented?

5.Will there be a situation where the students can hear the their teachers flush their toilet?

6. Will the students believe that they are on par with academicians when sharing toilet with their teachers?

So you think this ONE TOILET policy suits with SMI?

(The Star) - The state government will introduce a “1Toilet” policy in a move to liberalise education, where teachers – and even principals – will soon have to share toilets with their students.

State Education, Higher Learning, Human Resource, Science and Technology Committee chairman Ahmad Razif Abd Rahman said the policy was mooted in line with the 1Malaysia concept, and teachers and students could have a feeling of “oneness”.

“We want students to have a sense of belonging that we believe would inspire them to excel further in their education.

“When students share the toilets with the teacher, they (students) will believe that they are on par with academicians and this automatically invokes a sense of being important to an organisation, which, in this case, is the school,” he said here yesterday.

“We are not compelling the school authorities to apply the policy. It is their prerogative,” said Ahmad Razif.

“So far, we have one school in Hulu Terengganu that has implemented the policy a few days ago. It has received positive feedback from the school management although it is still premature for us to evaluate its efficiency,” he said.

Ahmad Razif said that under the policy, teachers and students would also be encouraged to sit within a common space at school canteens during recess.

“This means that teachers and students will mingle freely during recess,” he said.

Ahmad Razif said the policy had initially been proposed by Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Said earlier this year but that it took some time for it to be properly drafted.

On another matter, Ahmad Razif said the state government would continue to send students to pursue medicine and dentistry in recognised universities in Indonesia.

“We are looking into the option of sending our students to universities in areas classified as non-earthquake prone areas in Indonesia,” he said.

Ahmad Razif said the state government was also in the midst of discussions with officials from University Padjadjaran of Bandung on the possibility of sending Terengganu students for medical courses there.

He said other countries that the state government was planning to send their medical undergraduates next year were Poland and Russia.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

One Michaelian 1 Malaysia

These are Michaelians [ Batch 1996 ] faces during Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2009 Open House. From left to right:-

Yip Kok Weng, Rubendhran, Hew Kar Seong, Chee Kam Tong and his soul mate, Yusmi, Azrul, Shaun Pereira, Mohan Albert, Mohd Dzran, Fazli, Zulhairi, Mior.

Not in the picture but attended the gathering: Hafizulfika, Syawari, Zaimee and an old girl, Suki Cheah.

Being a Michaelian, we respect each other regardless of your race, creed and religion. Since our primary school we had studied together in one class room, sharing the same toilet and under the same roof. School is the proper forum or platform to promote this multiracial values. And St. Michael's has done a good job in keeping this tradition. When people are talking about GAGASAN 1 MALAYSIA, Michaelians had practiced this gagasan long time ago since our school days. It is not uncommon to us. We used to it and there is no need for others or the main stream media to remind us. We had been thought all this while.

Can we say or make a conclusion that SMI is the icon of ONE MALAYSIA school?

We will post other pictures from other batches during Aidilfitri 2009 celebration

Friday, September 18, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Dari SMIOB

Ramadan berlalu pergi. Syawal menjelma lagi.

SMIOB mengucapkan Selamat Hari Aidilfitri kepada MICHAELIANS( boys & girls; old boys & old girls), guru-guru, bekas guru serta warga kerja pentadbiran SMI yang beragama ISLAM. Moga Syawal kali ini Syawal yang penuh bermakna bagi kita semua.

Di kesempatan ini juga SMIOB memohon ampun dan seribu kemaafan sekiranya terdapat salah dan silap dalam tutur kata dan tulisan yang mengguris hati.

Sempena hari yang mulia ini juga marilah kita sebagai warga Michaelians saling bermaaf-maafan dan ziarah menziarahi sesama kita. Kita eratkan kembali silatulrahim sesama kita yang mungkin sudah terputus sejak sekian lama. Sesungguhnya kita adalah serupa dan sama, kita pernah bersama di bawah satu bumbung dan berkongsi suka dan duka bersama. Kita kembali bersatu di atas nama sekolah.

Kepada warga MICHAELIANS yang bukan beragama ISLAM, SMIOB juga mengucapkan selamat bercuti dan ambillah kesempatan bercuti dengan mengunjungi rakan-rakan MICHAELIANS yang beragama ISLAM di mana kunjungan anda dapat mengeratkan hubungan persahabatan, setiakawan dan persaudaraan sesama kita.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Michaelian Lawyers

SMI has produced some young lawyers in Malaysia. The picture above is a picture of two young lawyers from SMI. On the left is Mr. Mohd Dzran from the batch of 1996 and with him is Mr. Wong Kah Woh (batch 1997), who is also an ADUN for Canning Garden Ipoh.

This picture was taken when both of them had a court trial in Kuala Lumpur Court where Mr. Mohd Dzran is acting for the Plaintiff while Mr. Wong for the Defendant. Both of them graduated with LLB.(Hons) from International Islamic University Malaysia(IIUM).

Meanwhile, apart from both of them, there are few young lawyers from SMI. They are Dato Amarjit Singh Gill who is currently practicing in Ipoh. Mr. Amarjit is a degree holder from Monash University, Australia. He and Mohd Dzran were classmate. Both of them were in 5VT1.

Our junior from the batch of 2001, Mr. Faridzul Azlan from 5VT1(2001) class is a graduate from International Islamic University Malaysia. His area of practicing is in Ipoh.

Mr. Azhar Jalaludin from the batch 1997(5VT2) who is also a practitioner obtained his LLB.(Hons) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. He is currently working in KL.
Another lawyer from SMI are Mr. Mior Nor Haidir (batch 1996 and from 5sc1 class), is a UiTM grad and working with a prominent legal firm in KL.

These lawyers are SMI's proud and they serve the community for fairness and uphold the law and justice for all.

Dato Amarjit Singh Gill

Faridzul Azlan

Mior Nor Haidir (on right, white shirt)
Mr. Azhar Jalaludin (seated 2nd from left) during his days at UKM

Friday, September 4, 2009

Erti Persahabatan

Saat gembira tertawa
Saat berduka kita sama-sama
Duduk bermuram durja

Kita saling memerlukan
Menghormati satu ikatan
Itulah ertinya persahabatan

Adakalanya terkasar bahasa
Tapi kita saling memaafinya
Pahit manis kecapi bersama
Bersatu hadapi segala

Bersamalah teman kita hargai
Mahkota suci
Bersamalah teman kita harungi
Istana erti persahabatan

Berkekalanlah hendaknya
Kemesraan di antara kita
Seandainya tak lagi bersama
Semat kenangan mengusik jiwa

Ini ada sebuah cerita. Kisah budak-budak SMI. Sekolah yang depan padang Ipoh tu.

Budak-budak SMI dalam gambar ni nak main futsal. Mereka bermain futsal selepas berbuka dan solat terawih dalam pukul 11 malam. Kebetulan malam tu malam merdeka. Alang-alang main futsal budak-budak SMI ni pun sambut juga merdeka di Sports Planet Ipoh.

Budak-budak SMI ramai juga yang datang. Ada yang datang dari batch 96(batch ni muka wajib tayang huhu), batch 98( batch sukan komanwel huhu), batch 2000(batch y2k huhu), batch 2003(batch Pak Lah jadi PM), batch 2006( batch ADIK kepada BATCH 96; sebab beza 10 tahun dan masa bebudak batch 96 nak ambil SPM, bebudak batch 2006 baru darjah satu; ADIK kepada bacth 2006 adalah batch 2016) dan batch 2008( batch lepas SPM; tahun depan budak2 2009 pula jadi batch lepas SPM).

Mereka bermain dengan penuh semangat kesukanan disulami gelak tawa keriangan. Mereka bersatu hadapi segala cabaran sebagai satu pasukan. Itulah dia erti persahabatan SMIOB.

Futsal malam merdeka tahun ni dah habis. Tahun depan entah ada atau tak ada. Kalau ada mungkin buat perjumpaan futsal di malam lain, sama ada malam lailatul qadar, malam raya atau apa-apa malam yang ada. Yang pasti mereka akan datang dan berjumpa lagi.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan ke 52

Disini lahirnya sebuah cinta
Yang murni abadi sejati
Disini tersemai cita cita
Bercambah menjadi warisan
Andai ku terbuang tak diterima
Andai aku disingkirkan
Kemana harusku bawakan
Kemana harusku semaikan cinta ini
Dibumi ini ku melangkah
Keutara selatan timur dan barat
Ku jejaki
Bukanlah seorang perwira
Gagah menjunjung senjata
Namun hati rela berjuang
Walau dengan cara sendiri
Demi cinta ini
Ku ingin kotakan seribu janji
Sepanjang kedewasaan ini
Ku ingin sampaikan pesanan
Aku lah penyambung warisan

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ayam Percik Michaelian

Ramadhan for some people, apart from a holy month, is a month where they can gain monetary profit. For Michaelians, doing business during Ramadhan will earn them pocket money. The money will be used for savings or to spend for Hari Raya. A number of SMI students took the initiative to set up a stall at Bazar Ramadhan Medan Gopeng.

Two SMI Form 4 students, Syamim and Azam, both of them ruggerboyz, selling ayam percik, a famous delicacy during Ramadhan. The price is affordable too.

When you guys, Michaelians come back to hometown and looking for ayam percik, go and find these boys at Medan Gopeng.

Kalau sedap datang lagi. Kalau tak sedap lu pikirla sendiri......
Syamim (left) and Azam entertain their customers

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SMIOB Merdeka Nite Futsal Challenge 2009

Date: 30th August 2009
Time: 11pm-1am
Venue: Sports Planet Menglembu, Ipoh. Court 2

Futsal is back. After a long break SMIOB futsal activity is back in town. We will celebrate the countdown of our independence day on futsal turf. Michaelians, do come and let us unite as one on the eve of Merdeka.

Confirm your participation with our program director for the Merdeka Nite Futsal Challenge:

Zulhairi Zainal

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009




Para petugas dari Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun

1. Doktor

a. Kapt. Dr. Nurul Huda Ibrahim

b. Dr. Tan Li mei

c. Dr. Neoh Lim Mei

2. Pegawai Seranta

a. En. Hanafi

b. Cik Eisha

3. Pegawai MLT

a. Pn. Azlina

b. Cik Juliza

c. Cik Luneswari

4. Jururawat

a. S/N Minah

b. S/N Roa

c. J/M Rafidah

d. A/N Fatimah

e. S/N Patma

f. S/N Kalewani

5. Pegawai PPK

a. Pn. Zainoriah

b. En Zahid

c. En. Hamid

d. Pn. Eiza

Sathya Sai Baba Centres Perak

1. Mr. S. Saminathan (ex SMI teacher)

2. Mr. V. Vijayakumar

3. Mr. K. Gopinathan

4. Dr. Prem Lekhi

5. Ms. Foong Swee Ngan

6. Prof. Gopal Krishnan

SMI Leo Club

1. Steven Tiw Tee Siang

2. Dovinald Tham Kam Loy

3. Yau Wing Tim

4. Jeffrey Ong Seok Wai


1. Mohd Fazli ( batch 1996)

2. Mohd Dzran (batch 1996)

3. Gaffari Danial (batch 2003)

4. Darwis (batch 2003)


1. Dr. Chang Seit Kim (batch 1979)

2. K. Gopinathan (batch 2000)

3. Sahrul Anuar Mat Said (batch 1993)

4. Meor Shahril Nizam (batch 2000)

Jumlah penderma

14 Ogos 2009

Bilangan yang mendaftar = 62 orang

Bilangan yang layak menderma = 52 orang

15 Ogos 2009

Bilangan yang mendaftar = 125 orang

Bilangan yang layak menderma = 85 orang

16 Ogos 2009

Bilangan yang mendaftar = 90 orang

Bilangan yang layak menderma = 70 orang

JUMLAH KESELURUHAN: 207 penderma darah


SMIOB mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada Jusco Ipoh terutamanya Ms. Kasturi dan Ms. Angeline kerana banyak membantu dan memberikan kerjasama yang amat baik. Penghargaan juga kepada staf-staf Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun di atas komitmen serta kerjasama yang diberikan dalam menjayakan kempen derma darah pada tahun ini terutamanya En. Khairul (pegawai seranta) yang banyak membantu SMIOB dari awal sehingga akhir program ini.

Penghargaan yang tidak terhingga diucapkan kepada Kumpulan Sathya Sai Baba Centres Perak, terutamanya cikgu S.Saminathan (bekas guru SMI) yang banyak membantu dan komitmen beliau yang amat tinggi terhadap khidmat kepada masyarakat ini. Walaupun sudah bersara dan telah melebihi usia separuh abad, usaha beliau dalam memujuk orang ramai untuk menderma darah amat dikagumi. Satu usaha dan semangat yang amat dipuji dan wajar dicontohi oleh generasi muda khususnya para Michaelians.

SMIOB juga mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada adik-adik kami dari kelab LEO SMI yang sanggup hadir bagi membantu dan menjayakan program khidmat masyarakat walaupun masih lagi berada di bangku sekolah. Diharapkan kerjasama di antara OLD BOYS dan BOYS seperti yang ditunjukkan dalam kempen derma darah ini dapat diteruskan untuk program-program kebajikan dan khidmat masyarakat SMIOB yang masih dalam peringkat perancangan dan perlaksanaan di masa hadapan.

Tidak lupa juga kepada Michaelians yang terdiri daripada bekas pelajar SMI yang hadir untuk memberikan sokongan moral dan tenaga dalam menjayakan kempen derma darah pra Ramadhan ANSARA/SMIOB 2009 di Ipoh. Sesungguhnya khidmat anda dalam aktiviti kemasyarakatan sesuatu yang patut dibanggakan.

Akhir sekali SMIOB mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada ALUMNI MRSM( ANSARA) terutamanya kepada Presiden ANSARA, Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir dan Pengarah Koordinator Kempen Derma Darah Pra Ramadhan, Dr. Halim Abu Bakar di atas kerjasama, bantuan dan nasihat yang diberikan. Semoga kerjasama di antara SMIOB dan ANSARA dapat diperkukuhkan lagi di masa hadapan bukan sahaja untuk program kempen derma darah tetapi diperluaskan lagi kepada pelbagai program yang dapat membantu pembangunan SMI dan MRSM secara khususnya selaras dengan usaha kerajaan dalam menjayakan konsep 1 Malaysia terutamanya di sekolah-sekolah dan juga kepada masyarakat amnya.

Disediakan oleh;
Pengarah Program Kempen Derma Darah Pra-Ramadhan 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kempen Derma Darah PraRamadhan 2009

(A Michaelian who donated his blood last year)

dengan kerjasama

TARIKH: 14,15 & 16 OGOS 2009
MASA: 3.00pm-8.30pm (14/8)

A Michaelian blood is needed. After our visit to school last weekend, now it is our time to do charity to the society particularly to the Ipohites.

SMIOB for the 2nd consecutive years, collaborate with ALUMNI MRSM or known as ANSARA for this campaign.

We would like to urge all Michaelians regardless of race, creed and religion to come to Jusco Kinta City and donate your blood. Our blood can save a life. Show to the society that a Michaelian is responsible to the people and they can count on us to help those who need our help.

Those who are qualified to donate blood, do so on this coming 14-16/8. Kindly inform to the registration counter if you are a Michaelian.

We are also inviting Michaelians to be volunteers for our blood donation team. If you are interested to learn and to help the nurses and doctors from Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital, kindly contact us or you can come to Jusco and proclaim yourself as a Michaelian and wants to be a volunteer.

Any inquiries, kindly contact the program director:
Mohd Fazli Bin Mat Doa