Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad laid to rest

Award-winning director Yasmin Ahmad, who passed away on Saturday night after a stroke, is finally laid to rest at 12.40pm Sunday at the Tanah Perkuburan Islam in SS20.-The Star

Renowned film and advertising director Yasmin Ahmad died here at about 11.25 pm tonight.
Her death was confirmed by Media Prime Group Chief Operations Officer Datuk Seri Ahmad Farid Ridzuan, (a Michaelian) who was at the Damansara Specialists Hospital, when contacted by Bernama.Yasmin, 51, collapsed while presenting a working paper at Sri Pentas, the headquarters of the private television station TV3 on Thursday and was rushed to the Damnsara Spe cialists Hospital. She was reported to have suffered a stroke and brain haemorrhage.-NST

The gifted and talented film and commercials director has died from massive bleeding in the brain at the Damansara Specialist Hospital. She died at 11.25pm yesterday. She had undergone surgery following her collapse at the TV3 headquarters Seri Pentas on Thursday.

Allahyarham Yasmin left a legacy of her works in the film and advertisement arenas, thriving on the themes of love, family ties and comedy against the backdrop of multiracial Malaysia. Married to Abdullah Tan Yew Leong, she began her career as a copywriter with Ogilvy & Mather before joining Leo Burnnett as joint creative director in 1993 and rose to become its creative executive director until her death.

Allahyarham Yasmin was known as a person who loves Ipoh and many of her films such as SEPET, GUBRA, MUALLAF and TALENTIME were shot in IPOH. Its beautiful scenery, calmness is suitable for a movie set. Our school had been picked as a location set for SEPET and GUBRA movies. Meanwhile, ANDERSON SCHOOL was chosen to be a film set in her latest release, TALENTIME.

The nation has lost a great artist and her works will be remembered throughout the years and the next generation. Thank you YASMIN for your adorable multiracial concept films and commercials which are truly reflects a 1 MALAYSIA.

Catch the music performed by AIZAT (Kau Pergi) originally composed by Pete Teo. A soundtrack from Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad film, TALENTIME

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Well Done Boys!!!

"A splendid, marvellous and awesome performance and they should be the champions", that what was told by our correspondence who had watched our band in the final of the Perak Inter School Band Competition 2009 which was held in Stadium Perak on 24-7-2009.

According to Tihn Chern from Michaelian Military Band who had met with our representative on last Wednesday, their performance started at 10.30pm, and they pledge to give all their best in the final. Their performance was the second last in the list but the band had turned the second last to the second best.

They lost to SMK Sam Tet, Ipoh who emerged as the champions. The second runner up went to the school from Sitiawan, SMK Nan Hwa. There were 7 schools qualified to be in the final. Being the first runner up is an achievement to be proud of. We received the silver medal yesterday but on tomorrow and the upcoming days we will work hard and do our best to achieve non other the first on the podium.

Friday, July 17, 2009







Date: 1-8-2009
Time: 8.00am

Tentative Program:

8.00am- Arrival of students, teachers and old boys

9.00am- Rugby Match: SMI -vs- SMIOB

10.00am- Football Match: SMI -vs- SMIOB

11.00am- Closing and refreshments

In conjunction with Merdeka month celebration and to celebrate the SMI annual stage performance, a football and rugby games between the old boys and the students will be held on SATURDAY, 1st AUGUST 2009 at 8.30am.

The objective is to give opportunity for the SMI footballers and ruggers to meet and play side by side with the old boys and it is also a HOMECOMING event for the old boys from all over the nation to come back to school and visit their alma mater. It is an OLD BOYS WEEKEND. A weekend when the students of SMI can meet and spend time with their seniors from various batches and for the old boys and the students to communicate and sharing moments together. The old boys would like to know how's life in SMI for the current students and the students might want to know how's life after school would be.

To the old boys out there who wish to celebrate the event kindly confirm with us your attendance by sending us your confirmation to our e mail as it will be easier for the organizer to do necessary preparations.



Thursday, July 16, 2009


بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمـَنِ الرَّحِيم
"In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful"

الذين اذا اصابتهم مصيبة قالوا انا لله وانا اليه راجعون
"Who, when a misfortune overtakes them, say: 'Surely we belong to Allah and to Him shall we return'."

Ibu kepada saudara Mohd Jasuan yang menderita penyakit kanser telah kembali ke Rahmatullah pada pukul 12.30pm semalam. Saudara Mohd Jasuan adalah Michaelian batch 1996 yang kini menetap di Jelapang Jaya, Ipoh.

SMIOB mengucapkan takziah kepada keluarga Mohd Jasuan di atas pemergian ibu yang dicintai. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas Rohnya.

Marilah sedekahkan Al Fatihah kepada Allahyarham.

Monday, July 13, 2009

You Are Not Alone

This is one post that I have been postponing to write, for some unknown mysterious reasons. After his death, my instinct forced me to talk something about him. But it has been delayed because I am still waiting when is the day of this greatest entertainer on earth will be buried. Yesterday I had a nightmare about death and coincidentally, today is my 30th birthday. So before it is too late, I shall write it now.

His name is exactly the same as the name of our school. But MJ is not a Michaelian. He is Michael as what he is. I remember one my Indian friend in school who had a similar name with MJ. I wonder why my friend had a such name. Maybe it was a coincidence. His transformation from an African American small boy to so called "WHITE MAN" came under heavy criticsm. Most of white people love him but some of the black people hate him too.

They are on the opinion that his transformation is a humiliation to the black community. But Michael ignore it and answered the critics by writing in his song
" If you want to be my baby, it does not matter whether u black or white".

A TRANSFORMER. He is an OPTIMUS PRIME, the good one, although some people say he is a strange man, but as one of the speaker during MJ public memorial service said, MJ is not strange, but he had to deal with strange situation around him.

His songs mostly touch the people heart worldwide. A peace and humanity message conveyed by him and well accepted by others especially the kids. His love to the unfortunate kinds around the global made him a noble man. Although he had to face obstacles and legal suits against him, he dealt it with his strong heart. His perseverance in dealing all the challenges by those who take advantage on him, finally reach to the end. On 25th of June 2009,( also my best friend's birthday) a cardiac arrest led to his demise.

He is now worth more than his life. People who used to ignore and forget about him suddenly felt his lost. They search for his album, watching his old videos in YOUTUBE and various ways for them to remember him. His childhood dream since his days with Jackson 5 was fulfilled. He did his best and believe in what he is doing. His dream to change his life from zero to hero is an achievement to be proud of. He is not a Malaysian but he is just an 0rdinary human being like us. He is not an alien and so do we. If he can do it, so do we by emulating his effort. Not to be the greatest entertainer like him but to be the greatest in what we do in our life.

BY: The 30 years old Moderator.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I Was In A Marching Band

Music wasn't really a passion when I was young. I dislike notes, music theories and going to Yamaha School for classes. Mum sent me to organ lessons when I was 5 but the interest wasn't there. Eventually, I stopped.Now I'm regretting because I can't even play a song properly on the boards with white and black keys! *smacks myself on the forehead*So I regained my music touch when I was in high school -St. Michael's Institution, Ipoh.-KENWOOI

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


En. MOHD JASUAN berdiri di kanan sekali( berbaju merah)

Ibu kepada salah seorang daripada AJK SMIOB, En.Mohd Jasuan sedang dalam keadaan nazak akibat menghidapi penyakit kanser dan kini sedang dirawat di Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun, Ipoh.

En. Mohd Jasuan adalah seorang Michaelian dari Batch 96 dan telah bersama SMIOB sejak penubuhannya dan sering memberikan komitmen beliau terutamanya dalam aktiviti-aktiviti SMIOB.

Marilah kita warga Michaelians bersama-sama mendoakan agar ibu beliau segera sembuh dan sihat seperti sediakala.

Our Band

Today, 1st of July at 0900 they will present their performance in front of the judges at our school for the preliminary rounds of the Perak Band Competition. The musicians from the Michaelian Military Band with their black and red attire( as seen in the picture) will play fine tunes to march into the next round.

If they succeed and capture the heart of the judges with their brilliant performances, victory will be on their side. The final of the competition will be held on Friday, 24th of July. As usual events involving the students held on working hours in which the time is not in favour for the working old boys particularly those living outside Ipoh to come and support. Hopefully the old boys who are in Ipoh can go to the school and support them.



Mior Nor Haidir, Yusmi Yusof, Mohd Dzran, Hafizulfika Hisham, Mohd Fazli, Adiwira, Zulhairi Zainal, Mohd Jasuan...