Sunday, March 29, 2009

SMI Rugby Jersey Sponsorship-[Old Boys Give Back to School]

The price of the jersey: RM150.00
The cost for 25 jerseys for SMI Rugby Team: RM3,750.00

Would you be willing to contribute to the development of sports in SMI? For instance, sponsor the SMI Rugby jersey?

A poll was made in this blog. According to the results there are 58 voters who are willing to spend their RM's to sponsor the rugby jersey. I believe more old boys if being informed and told would love to give something or contribute to the school.

I have been told by SMI Rugby coach Cikgu Helmi, a successor of Mr. Choo Ah Chye since 1998, that the current SMI Rugby jerseys are in bad condition. See the current rugby jersey below:

The current jerseys had been used for more than 5 years. While other schools have their own new jersey, SMI is still wearing an old jerseys which does not reflects the standard of SMI as a great and prestige institution.

Therefore, being an old boys of SMI, I believe time has come for us to help the school. I have been informed that the school could not afford to buy a rugby jersey as it is quite expensive. If you see the graphic above, it is a custom made Kooga brand jersey. The company which design and produce this kind of jersey have also produce the rugby jersey for Sekolah Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Ipoh and several universities rugby team. The SMI ruggers a.k.a RUGGERBOYZ will proudly wearing the jersey specifically design for SMI but it can be materialised if the old boys can help the school.

Therefore, would you be one of the old boys that will be remembered by the juniors as the seniors who sponsor for this magnificent rugby jersey? If you interested to be part of the contributors and any enquiries, kindly send an e mail to and give your confirmation.

We need to do survey on how many of the old boys would participate. I received feed back from some of the old boys that they will definitely contribute for the sake of SMI. For your information the rugby team needs 25 jerseys. The design which specifically made for SMI is also available in replica set and besides sponsor the team jersey the old boys can also buy and wear the SMI rugby jersey. If others proudly wear the all blacks, springboks and other rugby nations jersey, Michaelians can proudly say they have their own school rugby team jersey.

I know that there will be a doubt whether this project is lawful but believe me, this blog has connection with other related SMI blog and the ruggerboyz as well as the SMI rugby coach aware of this project. The details of the price of the jersey and how the donation to be channeled trough will be informed to the contributors.

the story of SMI RUGBY@THE RUGGERBOYZ#1[click here]

the story of SMI RUGBY@ THE RUGGERBOYZ#2[click here]

the story od SMI RUGBY@THE RUGGERBOYZ#3[click here]

Give back to the school.

the moderator for the SMIOB blog.

:::flashnews from SMI:::
1. Pasukan Debat ( Ala Parlimen ) Bahasa Melayu SMI akan bertemu SMK Anderson di peringkat akhir Zon 2, Kinta Utara pada 30 Mac 2009 jam 9.00. Pejuang-pejuang kita ialah Mohd Izuddin (4VT3), Sharul (3A7) dan Dhesegaan (3A2). Semoga berjaya !!!

2. Pertandingan Puisi dan Lagu, Zon 2, Kinta Utara akan berlangsung di Dewan Besar SMI pada 2 April 2009 jam 9.00 pagi. SMI sebagai juara bertahan sedang giat mengadakan latihan. Teruskan perjuangan anda!!!

3. Pasukan Debat ( Ala Parlimen ) Bahasa Inggeris juga sedang membuat persiapan rapi ke pertandingan akhir Zon 2, Kinta Utara pada 30 Mac 2009 , jam 2.00 petang.

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Story in SMI#3

my SMI years

Looking back at the years back when I was in SMI, really brings back lots of great memories. I was under the watch of one of the greatest principal ever known, Mr. Louis Rozario Doss. This is the place where I grew up. A place where I've gained knowledge, made great friends whom I still hang out with today, and also learned many things about life. Of course, like any teenager, I was rebellious to certain teachers, certain authority figure and so on. I do have friends and also enemies, we do have dramas, but these are moments and the memories that is hard to forget and is to cherish; as these are the time when we discover new things about this world and who we really are.

Another great person I would not forget is, the teacher advisor for the Board of Student Librarians, Mrs. Tan Kah Chuan. Although she's strict, she's the one that taught many of us to be leaders, the one that explained the 7th habits of successful people and she's the one who helped some of the troubled minded students, especially the librarians under her care.

The Michaelian Chinese Orchestra is also another part of my SMI life. There's were I learn the meaning of teamwork and cooperating. And it is the time I, together with the rest of the members, made the schoolproud as the only English school in Ipoh to have a Chinese Orchestra. It is where I learn being a teacher isn't easy, AT ALL.

A lot of other things happened back then. The dramas, the arguments, the happy moments, the sad times, the time I got punished for having long hair, the time when I skipped class and lepak at the library, the times when we scout for pretty girls when new form 6 girls step in the school, the time when we sit in food court after school hours the whole day, the time when we do pranks on people, the time when we rebel certain teachers etc; will never be written in just few pages. The tears and joy I had, the people I met and the friends I lost; are all memories I will cherish for the rest of my life, and making me lift my head high while proudly saying
"I'm a Michaelian. Once a Michaelian, Always a Michaelian"

Lee Kok Meng
Michaelian Batch 2005

:::Share with us the bitter and sweet moments of you in SMI. Through your words, others can read and know your struggle to be what you are today.:::

***send your piece of writing to our e-mail at

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bolasepak Liga Alumni 2009

St.John Alumni Association ( SJAA) won the double champions in 2008. They were the First Division and the Alumni Cup(Malaysia Cup version of M League) champions.

An e mail sent by the management of the Liga Alumni Malaysia to SMIOB inviting us to join the football competition. This competition was usually held in Klang Valley. The teams involved in the competition had been in the scene since the establishment of Liga Alumni Malaysia in 2000.
The objective of Liga Alumni is:-

Menyumbang kearah kemajuan sistem pendidikan negara melalui penglibatan golongan alumni

1. Menjalin serta memupuk pertalian berfaedah di kalangan golongan alumni dan warga pendidik negara.

2. Menggalakkan penubuhan dan penyertaan alumni-alumni seluruh Malaysia di dalam aktiviti-aktiviti yang dianjurkan supaya kerjasama dan persefahaman dapat dijalin disamping memberi sumbangan kepada bekas sekolah masing-masing.

3. Membantu bekas pelajar untuk membentuk alumni sekolah masing-masing supaya mereka dapat memberi khidmat masyarakat kepada bekas sekolah dan masyarakat setempat.

4. Mewujudkan jaringan di kalangan bekas pelajar dan alumni demi kepentingan masyarakat dan negara.

5. Menyediakan medium kepada bekas pelajar dan alumni untuk memberi khidmat kepada bekas sekolah masing-masing dan organisasi-organisasi kebajikan yang memerlukan bantuan.

Salam Buat Semua.

Bersama ini disertakan Jadual Pertandingan Bolasepak Liga Alumni Musim 2009.
Penyertaan adalah terbuka bagi pasukan-pasukan bolasepak mewakili Persatuan Alumni Sekolah-Sekolah Malaysia di mana pendaftaran pemain terhad bagi mereka yang tidak mewakili pasukan kebangsaan atau bermain di dalam Liga-M.

Yuran penyertaan adalah sebanyak RM250 dan setiap pasukan akan berkongsi kos dengan pasukan lawan masing-masing bagi setiap perlawanan mereka. Yuran penyertaan adalah bagi tiga pertandingan Liga, Piala Ansara(FA CUP) dan bagi yang layak Piala Alumni(MALAYSIA CUP).

Bagi makluman semua sebuah mesyuarat pengurus pasukan akan dilangsungkan pada 4hb April 2009 jam 3.00petang bagi semua pasukan yang akan mengambil bahagian di dalam peringkat Liga.

Bagi pasukan-pasukan yang berminat untuk menyertai pertandingan ini sila buat permohonan/pengesahan penyertaan menggunakan borang berikut :

Sekian terima kasih.

Minggu 1

Minggu 2

Pusingan 2
Piala Ansara

Pusingan 2
Piala Ansara

Minggu 3

Minggu 4

Suku Akhir
Piala Ansara

Minggu 5

Minggu 6

Separuh Akhir
Piala Ansara

Minggu 7

Piala Ansara

Pusingan 1
Piala Alumni

Pusingan 2
Piala Alumni

Suku Akhir
Piala Alumni

Separuh Akhir
Piala Alumni

Piala Alumni

Nota :
Liga Bahagian Satu di khususkan pada hari Ahad dan Bahagian Dua hari Sabtu.
Liga Bahagian Tiga akan bermain pada hari Sabtu dan Ahad.

Pasukan Bahagian Satu
7.Faris Petra
8Ansara Taiping

Pasukan Bahagian Dua
1.Ansara Kuantan
6.Al Puchong
7.Johan Piala Salam Ansara
8.Naib Johan Piala Salam Ansara

Pasukan Bahagian Tiga
- maksimum lapan pasukan.

Daripada pihak pengurusan Liga Alumni Malaysia

Since we do not have a football team yet the invitation cant be fulfilled. We are not ready for the challenge but we may have a team in the future. Once we have a football team plus the commitment from the old boys and strong financial support, then we can join the competition but will be included in Division 3 first before we can join the top division in the league.

We do have a futsal team. This year SMIOB will once again be one of the competitors in the Futsal Liga Alumni 2009 which probably will be held in this coming May or June.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Story in SMI #2




I'm SMI Boy...

bila aku tengok gambar2 ni balik teringat aku kat semua kawan2... rindu nak jumpa semua...sampai kepala otak terfikir nak buat reunion... mana taknya sekolah berbilang kaum...semua ada cina,india melayu,singh dll... dll??, ada lagi ke ha...??? hehehe......

banyak juga kenangan...kalau dikenangkan balik kat sekolah tu...bergaduh,bertumbuk,kena marah,kena rotan semua ada la...sebut pasal rotan tak lupa kat pengetua aku zaman Louis Rozario Dous... hahahaha... tak pasal2 kena rotan dgn dia... salahnya aku pergi tandas je...apasal entah tiba2 aku kena rotan pasal pergi toilet tu.. sabo je la...

tengok muka dia pun dah takut...nak melawan apa entah lagi... tapi mmg aku respect giler kat pengetua pasal dia mmg sayang kat sekolah dia ... tak penah putus asa nak tolong bangunkan skolah ...sampai time aku dulu prgi tandas buruk je... sekarang tandas canggih giler.. silap tak ada air-con je kalau kencing leh beku woo...hahahah..... sekolah tu kalau korang nak tau bukan under kerajaan... cuma cikgu2 je under kerajaan...tentang pembangunan sekolah tu cari duit sendiri le...

saat yg paling student2 suka kat skolah tu adalah kalo ada event... mana tak suka kelas tak ada la jawabnya...kikikiki... lagi2 kalo pengetua buat meeting... fuu...mmg best le budak2 ni...nak merayap ni la masanya... nak gaduh,bertumbuk time2 ni le...hahahaha.... terkenang lagi pasal kat sekolah teringat time hari sukan...yang paling bestnya tiap2 kelas kena buat kawad kaki waktu kemuncak hari sukan.. fight antara tingkatan...memang fight la... tiap2 tahun kelas ada menang kawad kaki 2... form 1 kelas aku menang tempat ke berapa pun tak tau la... walaupun time patut kena buat formasi kawad tapi last2 minit ketua kelas aku ckp tak payah buat...cuma kawad n tabik hormat je...

punya la penat berlatih last2 buat biasa je... tapi menang jgk...sebab kawad kemas...kikikiki... form 2 baru johan...memang terer kelas aku... tapi johan pun ada sebab.. sebabnya kelas aku ada buat baju untuk kawad kaki ditambah pulak time tu ada buat formasi lambang SMI yg lama kalau tak silap aku la.. tu yang menang tu...hahaha... semua kelas form 2 kecuali kelas aku aje yang buat baju untuk kawad kaki...kelas lain tak ada...pakai baju sekolah....kikikiki...

masuk form 3 damnnn!!! dapat tempat ke-2 sebab kali ni memang mencabar giler...semua kelas form3 time tu buat baju macam kitorang jgk...biasala mana boleh tengok orang lebih sikit...last2 dapat tempat ke-2 hampeh tol...xpe2... janji form 2 dah johan merasa jgk n tiap2 tahun ada menang...hahahaha.... tapi itu la saat2 kenangan aku kat SMI setakat form 3,

masuk form 4 aku apply aliran teknik... nak try kejuruteraan .. mohon kat ipoh aje.. brush and lebuh cator tapi dapat nun jauh di sana...kat sekolah teknik gerik... ulu perak ...kalau ikutkan ati aku mmg tak nak pergi pun tapi nasib baik le skolah tu baru 3-4 or 4-5 tahun je baru bukak... skolah baru la katakan... nasib kawan2 kat sekolah SMI pun ramai yang pergi, 1 kelas dgn aku pun ada ditambah pulak member2 sekolah Anderson n ACS tu yg buat aku nak pergi ...hehehehe...

Zaman sekolah semua dah berlalu kena drop,kutuk,marah,pukul semua 2 jadi kenangan dalam diri aku... tapi walau macam mana pun hati aku tetap kat SMI kalau orang tanya sekolah mana aku jawab SMI IPOH je...last sekali baru cakap teknik...lagu skolah tetap aku tak lupa sampai sekarang... sekolah teknik pun aku dah lupa...tapi SMI aku tak lupa...

coz I'M SMI BOY...

Mohd Najib Zulkifli
Michaelian Batch 2005

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Modern Way of Teaching and Learning

In those days, the method of learning was a traditional kind. Teacher came to class and the students listened to what the teacher said and pen down the info on a piece of paper.

However a teacher cant spread the knowledge to the students in just one hour period of class. Can the students still learn although they are not in the school but at home?

Due to the advance of internet, teaching and learning becomes easier. Compare to the old boys days, the students know how to use a computer and how to log in to internet. Therefore, new way of teaching and learning should be implemented.

Blog is a kind of individual bulletin or individual newspaper. The author of a blog has an unlimited power to write their thoughts and philosophy so others can read and share any information. It enhance the capability of a person in writing. In other words one can be a reporter by his/her own.

A teacher's blog. In SMI we could find teachers become a blogger and open their own blog. For instance Mr. Peter Khiew, is the author of Through his blog we can share any info regarding any events in school. The latest in SMI is just by click of a mouse.

A well known Bahasa Melayu teacher in SMI, Cikgu Sidik has just recently open his own blog. His blog is purposely for his own students to gain information and knowledge particularly on Bahasa Melayu subject. Students can copy and download any learning materials and do the homework or exercise at home. Thus, instead of having knowledge in class, Cikgu Sidik's students can receive more knowledge at home.

An SMIOB representative came to school on Friday morning and together with Cikgu Sidik, they gave briefing and presentation to Form 3 students at school hall on how to access to the blog and how to download the files from the blog. A well response from the students.
Thus, it is a meeting between a teacher, an old boy and a student. These 3 combination works together for the sake of the school.

A good news is more teachers in SMI are already have their own blog and more will join the club.

Welcome to the world of bloggers, teacher.

Cikgu Sidik's blog

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tribute to SMI from "Goodbye Boys"

"Crucial formative years spent in a Mission School run by La Salle Brothers. . . (St.Michael's Institution Ipoh). Yet I’ve come to realize that identity is my route, not my roots. Growing up in small town Ipoh, educated in Malaysia, America and the UK, I feel now is the right time to tell ‘Goodbye Boys’.

Although this will be my second feature film after Gol & Gincu, it’s my first screenplay. Goodbye Boys is an expedition film, 8 boys on journeys of forming identities, part of larger routes in life. “Education is that which remains when everything else learnt in school is forgotten”, a quote by Einstein I still find relevant. ‘Goodbye Boys’, a semi-autobiographical tale and important aspects the result of ‘that which remains’, now ready to be recounted…15 years later.

Not nostalgic, not sentimental. Ironically real. A route, a universal film story."

Bernard Chauly-Michaelian Batch 1990
Director of the Goodbye Boys film produced by Red Films in 2005

Bernard Chauly on last row standing, no 14 from left

Goodbye Boys

The Story.
What happens when a gang of Form Five Ipoh boys embark on a 100km hike to fulfill a King Scouts requirement but come back on the road to becoming men?

Goodbye Boys is a simple journey with complicated realizations. Set in 1990, Malaysia, it is about a gang of pimply guys with raging hormones, undecided ambitions and formative identities. They set out on a grueling 5-day journey through the Kinta Valley – once the richest tin deposit in the world, now an abandoned plain - that changes friendships and selves.

It’s a group expedition with individual goals. The harsh realization is that although we’re a troop/patrol, we’re not necessarily a ‘brotherhood’. Friends are important but eventually, it’s not always about togetherness. Memorable camaraderie, yes, but each and everyone needs to grow up, get real. Stand on your own two feet, walk your own walk.

Some will return mini-heroes, content with being welcomed by their dream dates at the 5th Form Farewell Prom organized by the Ipoh Convent girls. Others will realize that the expedition is the beginning of other things in life… the need to escape a small town to realize… one’s dreams…

When you grow up in any small town, you know that you have to breakaway in order to discover your fullest potential. This is a story that will capture the psyche of a group of young boys on the brink of leaving their comfort zones, in transition… It is a confusing yet exciting time where you wish the possibilities were endless but in reality, you know your escape routes are limited.

Education is your ticket out. It’s a time when your identity, ambition, sexuality is evolving. It is about looking back at a crucial formative period, much of which is reflected within a micro-journey of an expedition. Youth is a time when everything seems exaggerated. A slow dance with your girl means everything. People’s actions and deeds affect you in a big way. Negative emotions in particular seem amplified.

What you were then, what you have become. What you continue to be… Yet we constantly look back. The personal journey of a few that can be understood universally. It is a timeless journey that affirms growing up as being a beautiful tragicomedy.

Bernard Chauly upcoming film in 2009, "Pisau Cukur" will be on silver screen soon...

Bernard at the "Pisau Cukur" location set with actor Redza Minhat and actress Maya Karin

Discussion with Afdlin Shauki and Umie Aida