Thursday, May 28, 2009


The ruggerboyz have the support from their old boys. On 29-3-2009, SMIOB started a project for a Rugby jersey sponsorship. A well response from the old boys. Among old boys contributors who pledge to give "the new jersey" to the boys are:-

1. Mr. Joseph Lee [ Batch 1976]-RM1,000.00
2. Michaelian Batch 1996- the old boys from this great year will try to achieve RM1,000.00 and more.
3. Mr. Nesrul [Ruggerboy 1990]
4. Mr. Mark Chan
5. Michaelians from other batch who will contribute once the date of collection announced.

As you can see from the graphic above, there is display of Michaelians 96 on the jersey.The Michaelians 1996 intend to have their batch name on the jersey. To enable their name to be displayed on the jersey, they must collect an amount of RM1K. If they succeed and no other batches can reach the target they intended to, they will have the space.

The SMIOB also encourage other batches to make group collection and if they succeed in reaching the certain amount needed, their batch name will be dislayed too on the other part/area of the jersey.

While the main space is booked by the Michaelians 1996, there are two other spaces left for the display of the sponsor's name on the jersey and those spaces worth RM500.00 each.

Therefore, for those old boys who would like their batch name or if you have your own company and want to be part of this charity project, do so by contact us through our e mail.

We pray and hope that this project will be a successful one as it will be the benchmark for other projects in the future.

SMIOB will announce the date for the collection and where to bank in your donations. If everything goes well, the production of the jersey will begins by mid of June and early July.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Our Teacher

And Michaelians Voice About The Teacher and The School
( Watch the newly edited slide pictures and remember our past and present teachers.)

Teachers ,

I know I'm not good at writing poems or idioms.
I also know that my words are just cold and flat.
However, the sincerity of me writing this shouldn't be compared.

I know I'm a trouble maker during schooldays.
I also know I always did not hand in my homework.
However, I do take every advises which made me who I am now.

I know I wouldn't be standing here without teachers.
I also know a word of Thank You is just not enough ,
However, I will try my best to make you proud someday ,
to show you what the green sprout that you have nurtured turns like.

Happy Teacher's Day

Muhammad Shafwan Bin Saiful Anuar
Michaelian 2008


Thank You,
For teaching me to be a stronger person

Thank you,
For helping me to know the things I need to learn

Thank you,
For acting like a friend to me

Thank you,
For your caring and lots of other stuff

For all the things you gave me, I can’t thank you enough, providing knowledge that leads to success

Teacher, you do all these things, with a pleasant attitude. You’re a teacher for all seasons and you have my gratitude!


Mohd Fazli bin Mat Doa
5Sc 1
Michaelian 1996

To all teachers, Happy Teacher's Day.
Thank you for all the lesson, sacrifices and commitments you have made and contributed to the good of all mankind. Not many would have grown up without your lessons from your heart.

Eddie See

Michaelian 1974

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Ayah dan Ibu...
Itulah permulaan kami
Dapat melihat bulan dan matahari

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas
I am strong, when I am your shoulders
You raise me up...To more that I can be

Hayatilah video di bawah ini
Ingatlah mereka selagi mereka masih ada
Jangan sesekali lupakan mereka apabila sudah berjaya

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Welcome To The Club, Batch 2008

Futsal on 2/5/2009::::The new players from the batch of 2008 had joined the SMIOB Futsal Team and met with their seniors.
The Michaelians:-

1. Yusmi [1996]
2. Fazli [1996]
3. Jasuan [1996]
4. Adiwira [1996]
5. Mohd Dzran [1996]
6. Hanis [1996]
7. Fazli [1997]
8. Irwan [1998]
9. Meor [1998]
10. Darwis [2003]
11. Gaffari Danial [2003]
12. Megat [2003]
13. George [2004]
14. Nizam [2008]
15. Ekbar [2008]
16. Nagarajan [2008]
17. Man [2008]
18. Zaid [2008]
19. Azizi [2008]
20. Adib [2008]
21. Affiq [2008]
22. Amin [2008]
23. Onn [2008]
24. Mior Asyraf [2008]
25. Imran [2008]