Sunday, February 22, 2009

My story in SMI #1

In my 11 years in St. Michael's, the experiences are uncountable, but I really like to pen down just a few remarkable ones.......

1) the courts nowadays cannot beat the canteen during my time in the school.....
the kerepok lekor, the mee kari, the kacang putih, the 5 cents sambal fish cake at the nasi lemak stall and the list goes on and on.........

the current canteen in SMI

2) the fact that when we go into morning school in form 3, all students go for art lesson with the famous Mr. Timothy, wasn't he simply amazing....I remember the days when he used to just water paint a beautiful scenery in just 1 paintbrush..........

Master Timothy Chee...picture from peterkhiew's blog

3) Another wonderful experience had was participating in school play in my Fourth form. It was King of Sherwood '92, the practices, the number of songs we had to memorize, the facial expressions and finally the 3 days of was a great experience that i will never ever forget......

these are just a few of the many memorable experiences I had in my Alma Mater..............Thank you my Alma Mater,

Thank you St. Michaels....

By Krishna Kumar-Michaelian Batch 1993

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Michaelian Run 2009

Run Michaelian Run!!! Run until you cross the finish line as victory is waiting for you!!!

On Saturday, 21-2-2009 the Michaelian boys were tested for their physical and fitness ability. In the morning, they were gathered at school field. Thousands of them were eager to run.

This cross country is an annual event and the objective of the run is for their health. Being a student, they have to make their body always in good health as a good health condition makes the brain healthy.

The route of the run has never changed. Still the same route which has been used by the old boys in those days. But of course the reflection changes a bit due to the development of Kinta River. New 'WORLD FAMOUS BRIDGE" and "KINTA RIVER FRONT" are new structures along the Kinta River.

The students who have the capability to run were in front and those who do not have were left behind. Nevermind, the OLYMPIC philosophy and principle applicable for this event, "the participation is more important than becoming a champion".

The results of the Michaelian Run 2009 :-

Form 6-LA SALLE(boys), AUGUSTUS(girls)

Overall Champion: AUGUSTUS

The prize giving ceremony was held on the same day. The winners were given medals by the Principal, Mr. Phoon.

The Poll...A Michaelian vote

As u can see on the right panel of the blog, there is poll for various topics and subjects.
Michaelian has fulfill their democratic rights by casting a vote. Through this poll we can describe the preference and the outcome of the vote. Let us see the results:-

1. The Best House in SMI:-
La Salle

Maybe because the visitors of this blog are mostly from this blue colour house. However based on the result of the Michaelian Run this year, Augustus house was the overall champion. And probably they are the favorite to win the athletic events in the Sports Day 2009.

2. The most preference girls school:
Main Convent

Definitely this girl school is on top of the list. The Girls from this school have close connection with Michaelians as they are part of SMI students particularly when the girls from this school become form six students in SMI.

3. The most dislike boys school:
Anderson School

No comment. The vote speaks itself.

4. Place where Michaelians like to hang out:
Yik Foong

Yes. A ponteng port. A fun place where there are lots of entertainment can be found here.

5. The most dislike people in power:

In comparison with Librarians and Monitors, they are the most hated person in school. They can be regarded as A POLICEMAN. It is understandable that they have to do their duty for the students to obey the rules and regulations. Without obedience of law there is no civilization. Do you want Michaelian to be a barbarian? Definitely not, as it will lead to chaos and disturbances in school.

6. The most remembered classmates:
Form4-5 Classmates

Different people, different opinion.

7. The event Michaelian love most:
When there is no class

Hoorayyyyy....No class and then we can rileks-rileks and tidur...ZZZZZ..and sometimes the students could nowhere to be found...LOST IN ACTION....

A Michaelian voice. A voice that reflects the true Michaelian spirit.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Your Journey of Life


Many of you had fond memories with SMI. Being a student in this great institution is something that we should be proud of. Therefore we need your stories. Share with us the bitter and sweet moments of you in SMI. Through your words, others can read and know your struggle to be what you are today.

Your writing will be posted here. Any memories whether in studies, co-curriculum activities or others, let the world knows. You can either write in English or in Malay Language.

Send your piece of writing to our e mail:

Thank you.

"Quis Ut Deus"

Obituary:::Mr.Thomas Yau Yet Sau

The late Mr. Thomas Yau( on the left)

Former SMI teacher, Mr Thomas Yau Yet Sau passed away on Saturday, 14-02-2009.

He was the Judo Master and Instructor for the SMI Judo Club.

Funeral Service was held at Our Mother of Perpetual Help, Ipoh Garden at 10 am on Monday, 16-02-2009.

Our deepest condolences to the family of Mr. Thomas Yau.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Countdown to 100 years of SMI {1912-2012}

Anderson School centennial celebration

H.R.H Sultan Azlan Shah officiates the launching
of centennial celebration.

Anderson School celebrating its 100 years of existence.

Throughout the 100 years, Anderson School has produced many successful and prominent figure in the country among others Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji, Dato Lat,the former Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato Tajol Rosli Ghazali, the Seenivasagam brothers and many more. Our beloved former SMI rugby coach Mr. Choo Ah Chye is an Andersonian too.

The Nite Concert

The celebration is the much awaited event for the old boys as their school is part of their life. It is an opportunity for them to return to the school. Few events and activities were planned throughout this year such as:-

SMI will celebrate its 100 years in few years ahead. The school and the alumni perhaps have their own plan to make the year 2012 as the tremendous year of celebration. Let us make it the centennial celebration as a successful one.

Dato Lat's masterpiece

Anderson School band

We are Michaelians

Fraternity Futsal
Sports Planet Ipoh
Batch of 90's vs Batch of 00's


1. Benjamin [1978]
2. Zalizan Zainal [1989]
3. Sri Rajnikanth [1993]
4. Gerard Selvaraj [1994]
5. Mohd Dzran [1996]
6. Zulhairi [1996]
7. Haza Yusdi [1996]
8. Mior Nor Haidir [1996]
9. Adi Wira [1996]
10. Jeffrey Selvaraj [1996]
11. Noorlizamri Nan [1997]
12. Irwan Zain [1998]
13. Mohd Nor Asri [1998]
14. Shaifurizam Jamaluddin [1998]
15. Ku Sheedy [1998]
16. Sheridan Kamal [1998]
17. Yang Shazlan [2002]
18. Darwis [2003]
19. Megat Ahmad Fitri [2003]
20. Mohd Gaffari Danial [2003]
21. Megat Faizal [2004]
22. Mohd Faizal [2004]
23. Mohd Ikram [2004]
24. Muhd Alif Nazmi [2004]
25. Mohamad Alif [2004]

Special appearance:Sithra Kanesan [Old Girl of 1995]

The event was successfully held. A game of friendship and brotherhood. A big applause for those who came for the event. The oldest person who turn out for the event is Benjamin from the batch of 1978. Invitation for the event was advertised through this blog and in the SMI Facebook group. Thank you to George (moderator of SMI Facebook Group) for his assistance.

The result of the game is not so vital or important. The objective of the game is to reunite Michaelians particularly the old boys. Some of us have not seen each other for such a long time. Through this event the seniors and juniors of SMI can recapture the memories during school days and of course it will encourage the Michaelians to keep in touch.

We had also identified some of the players who have the potential to be the players for the SMIOB futsal team. Thus, it is also a process of a recruitment of players so that they can be part of the futsal team which will once again competing in the Malaysian Alumni League Futsal Competition which will be held soon.

As few futsal games had been done in Ipoh, there is suggestion from the old boys that similar event to be held in Klang Valley as more Michaelians reside there. It is a good idea as we can spread our wings across the nation.

( The pictures of the game will be uploaded soon.)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Duli Yang Maha Mulia Paduka Seri Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Yusuff Izzuddin Shah Ghafarullahu-Lah menyambut ulangtahun pemerintahan ke 25 pada 3-2-2009. Baginda dilantik sebagai Sultan Perak pada 3-2-1984 bagi menggantikan Sultan Idris Shah II.

Semoga pemerintahan Tuanku dirahmati Allah S.W.T.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

5VT1 1996 Reunion

On 28-1-2009, 5VT1 1996 held a renion at Restoran Nashmir at 9.00pm nearby bridge at Pekan Lama.

Those who came at the gathering were Gerard Wong, Ho Chiew Kee, Lester Chin, Chong Kok Wah, James Yip, Khern Chee Meng, Chung Wan Thim, Terry Poe, Dato Amarjit Singh and Mohd Dzran.

Few others had been invited but due to other commitment they failed to turn out. It was a terrific and memorable union as we share our stories particularly during the old days when we were at school. Smile and laughter were seen on that night.

Some of us currently working oversea. Gerard, Lester, Wan Thim and James Yip are staying and working in Singapore.

Thus, more reunion will be held to reunite and gather Michaelians particluarly for the 5VT1 class.