Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Larian Seabad Michaelian 1912-2012/Larian Merentas Desa 2012

The curtain raiser for the 100 years celebration of our school has just started. On 14th of January 2012, the school organized it's annual event, larian merentas desa( cross country). However, it was quite different this year when a special event for the old boys was held.

The old boys were invited to run in the event called Larian Seabad Michaelian 19-12-2012. Medals were offered from 1st -10th place. This event was welcomed by the old boys and many turned out for the event.

Mr. Shaun Pereira from the batch of 1996 was in second place and a rugby player for the SMIOB Dugong Rugby Club, Mr. Mohd Fauzi (2007) was among the top ten runner.

Congratulations to the school and the organizer especially to Mr. Helmi Mohd Isa for the success in organizing such a wonderful event. More events coming up for this year, the year where we celebrate the centennial of our school.

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